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Meet Krista


"After having a healthy baby boy in 2012, I was unprepared when I lost my second pregnancy at the age of 33. I had no idea how common pregnancy loss was and decided to turn my pain into purpose. I co-produced the film Don't Talk About the Baby in an effort to destigmatize and help start meaningful discussions around the experiences of pregnancy loss and infertility. I went on to have two rainbow babies 20 months apart who are now the best of friends." - Krista


Krista's little men had me laughing from the minute they ran over for their mini session. They were playing together and all smiles as I took their photos. Even makes silly faces, which I actually kind of loved! 


Krista did not undergo any infertility treatments to have her Rainbow Babies. Her story is so important because sometimes, often, there may not be an "infertility issue" at play when a miscarriage occurs. Miscarriages occur for so many reasons, some of which are often left a mystery. I'm so happy for Krista that she went on to have healthy boys following her loss. 


Thank you for sharing your story, Krista. 

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